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XNA 2.0 released

by Benjamin Nitschke 13. December 2007 08:35
As mentioned here in the official press message from Microsoft XNA 2.0 was released today after a very short beta phase which did only run for a few weeks.

You can download XNA 2.0 from Creators.Xna.Com, but for now it just says "XNA Game Studio 2.0 will be available early morning, Thursday Dec 13th, 2007 PST.". This will hopefully change soon ^^

Since XNA 2.0 is now out I will talk about some of its new features shortly and comment a little bit about the new networking API and Xbox LIVE features. Stay tuned.

Videos about Web 2.0 and Santa Claus

by Benjamin Nitschke 4. December 2007 21:20
I just saw the following post on Scott Hanselman's blog:

My high school friend Matt Hempey (we were in Intro to Physical Science in middle school also, so I've probably known Matt for 20+ years) and his a cappella group The Richter Scales have put out the definitive Web 2.0 Music Video. That's Matt on the solo. Matt used to work at Vertigo with Jeff Atwood but recently went to Paypal. He's living the Web 2.0 dream!

And I thought, why not push one of the videos my team at has produced as well. It is pretty funny, but just available in German:
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